Minnesota Expungement Lawyer

Criminal expungement is the process of getting your criminal record sealed so that any arrests or convictions cannot be viewed by the public. While you will still have a record, the public will not be able to access this information and thus you will be able to proceed with your life as normally as possible. Contact Minnesota expungement lawyer Zorislav R. Leyderman today at 612-876-6626 to discuss your options for expungement.

Criminal Expungement

Criminal expungement is something that many people will seek out. After all, if you are accused of a crime and convicted, then this can impact all aspects of your life even after you have served your sentence. Criminal record checks are fairly common in society today, with a number of businesses and authorities performing them on a daily basis. This includes:

  • Financial institutions, banks and lending companies checking loan applicants
  • Educational institutions
  • Landlord, condominium associations and renters’ associations
  • Places of employment, including private, public and government employers

Minnesota Expungement Process

It is possible to have several different crimes expunged after a certain period of time. In general, it is best to wait at least three to five years after a conviction before trying to have the crime expunged for misdemeanor charges and even longer for felony offenses. The process will take around 63 days between when your paperwork is mailed to the government agencies and when a judge sets a hearing to consider the request. If the expungement is granted, you will need to wait another 60 days for the court to make its decision.
In order to have your record expunged, you must prove a number of things and fill out a mountain of paperwork. An experienced Minnesota expungement lawyer can help you with all of this. Expungement is usually only granted if:

  • The accused has rehabilitated himself
  • A long period of time has passed since the crime
  • The accused is having difficulties with housing, professional licensing or loan acceptance
  • The expungement will not negatively affect public safety

Expungement of False Arrests

If you have been falsely accused but later found not guilty, you will want to seek out an expungement. A not guilty criminal case is a lot easier to expunge than a guilty conviction. Even if you are found not guilty, the court case will still show up on your criminal record. Most employers, businesses and institutions will not investigate much further than to simply check and see if you are clear. If you are not, then you may miss out on several opportunities that you legally deserve.

Minnesota expungement lawyer Zorislav R. Leyderman can help you with expungement of all types of crimes and arrests, including false accusations. Do not let one mistake impact the rest of your life, especially if the arrest was not justified.

Fight back against injustice and clear your name by contacting Minnesota expungement lawyer Zorislav R. Leyderman at 612-876-6626.