Minnesota School Lawyer

Educational institutions are supposed to be a place of safety and security. However, every day students become victims of serious criminal behavior, from illegal student searches to student discrimination and sexual harassment. Parents trust teachers, coaches and teacher aides to protect their children. If you find out that your child has become a victim in any shape or form, then you will want justice. Contact Minnesota school lawyer, Zorislav R. Leyderman to discuss your legal options and what you can do to ensure that this never happens again. Zorislav R. Leyderman, Attorney at Law, offers a free initial consultation and evaluation of your case. Contact him today at 612-876-6626.

School Lawsuit Issues

Zorislav R. Leyderman, Attorney at Law, can help you resolve legal problems involving preschool, K-12 and postsecondary institutions, including the following:

  • Unlawful student discipline
  • Student searches
  • Student discrimination
  • Student sexual harassment
  • Freedom of speech/freedom of religion
  • Student injuries
  • Student rights

Sexual Assault on Students

Sexual assault on a student is a horrifying experience for both the parents and the child. Your child may not want to talk about what has happened and you may notice a change in your child’s behavior. It can be heartbreaking to see your child suffer both physically and emotionally and you will want justice for what has happened. Sexual assault on students, either by a teacher, a coach or another student is illegal and should not be tolerated. Whether your child is in preschool, elementary school, middle school or high school, Zorislav R. Leyderman will fight on your behalf to ensure this never happens to your child or another student again.

Protecting Student Rights

Zorislav R. Leyderman is committed to protecting the rights of students in all educational settings. Whether it is an illegal student search or discrimination in the classroom, he will stand up for your rights and make sure that justice is served. Zorislav R. Leyderman offers a confidential consultation to discuss anything that has happened. If your child is too young to understand what has happened, then you will probably want to keep him/her out of the spotlight as much as possible. For compassionate and understanding legal advice during this difficult time, contact experienced school law attorney, Zorislav R. Leyderman.

Your child is your world. Protect your child against injustice and illegal behavior by contacting Zorislav R. Leyderman, Attorney at Law, at 612-876-6626.